Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Post

Sorry my blogly duties have been a bit neglected lately, it's been a busy week! My hubbie's birthday today- I made french toast with rasberry butter (just as delicious as it sounds) and homemade maple syrup (which may have been more for me than for him...), then I bought him some of his favorite junk food and wrapped them individually. I also made him a card on photoshop and printed it...that was fun. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on that sometime.
In the meantime, here is a hat that I made the other night for another lucky model winner from last spring (I know, there were a lot of them and I'm totally lame for taking so long to get them together, but they are coming slowly and surely!) This follows the same pattern as the one I posted HERE a while ago, except I added flaps and braided tassles and a different flower. I love the color of this yarn, though. So pretty.
In honor of the little one who is going to model this hat for me, I am naming it "Mabel". I think it is fitting. Beautiful name, if I do say so myself. It was on my "list" for our last daughter before she was born actually, but Craig didn't take to it. I LOVE old fashioned names. Like a lot. But they are taking their time coming around again. Like Stella- isn't that a fantastic name? Stella. I just love it. Again, Craig wasn't a fan, but that always changes through the years. You get stuck on a name you don't like and suddenly you love it. I'm not giving up yet.
Anyway. Here's Mabel. :-)

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