Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FREE portrait shoot for 16-19 year olds!

Due to a long weekend where I did absolutely nothing and assume the rest of the world did too, I am extending the deadline for entries for the girls portrait shoot to next Monday, September 12th (by midnight at the latest). And please spread the word, I haven't gotten many people to enter, but ladies, this is F.R.E.E.
Remember, this is for 16-19 year old girls, directed towards a fashion shoot. Please include (with parental permission) name, age, photo, and some things about yourself that are unique to YOU and send it to chelseas_attic@yahoo.com. And if you do this, forward it to your friends! Help a sister out. :-)
Hope you all had a fantastic labor day weekend. Ours was filled with way too much food and lots of family. Those are the best kinds of weekends. Hope you're all adjusting well to real life again. It's been rough for a certain three year old in our family...but then again, there isn't a lot that isn't rough for him right now. Nature of the beast.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent photo! Amazing - Chelsea takes the best shots ever.

Anonymous said...

She is amazing!


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