Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In your face Mud. Literally.

A week and a half ago I was invited by a fellow local photographer to help him shoot this crazy, wacky, TOTALLY WICKED race they call the Mud Brigade in Loveland.
It was awesome.
Now, I in no way consider myself an "action" photographer. I'm much better at still subjects (well, unless you count shooting kids "action photography", cause sometimes it is), however I was stationed at the finish line, right where they had a giant vat of wet mud everyone was supposed to wade through before they crossed the finish line. I hiked my shutter speed up and tried to capture all the golden flecks of mud flying in the air and all the, what my father would calle, "carnage" that ensued.
Shawn Logan, the mastermind photographer in charge of shooting the event, was out on the course. The event had a 5K run through a LOT of muddy, nasty, difficult obstacles and people dressed up in all sorts of crazy things to run the race. Shawn took most of the nitty grittie shots on the course, you can see the work he did HERE. With permission from him, I am posting a few of the shots I took, although this in no way represents the large mass of photos I incurred that day. LARGE. I'm sure I made Shawn's job going through the pictures way harder than it needed to be, but I guess too many is better than too little, right?
Anyway, I did have fun, I did burn my face so bad that I peeled brown skin off a week later, but I'm also glad that I do what I do with photography. I like smiling people in clean clothes. Most of the time.
*secretly I've always wanted to do a shoot with a bunch of kids in nice church clothes in a giant mud puddle....anyone interested in ruining their kids Sunday best??*
PS- if you are in the Northern Colorado Area, check out Shawn's work in the links above, or find him on facebook HERE. :-)

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