Friday, November 9, 2012

I Heart Faces Challenge: ORANGE!

November is my most favorite month out of the year.
The day after I celebrated my 21st birthday, my husband and I welcomed our first precious child into the world on November 17th. What a wonderful birthday gift. She was chubby and blonde and beautifully perfect in every way. Craig had to leave me in the hospital one night on my own and I spend the entire night bonding with her. I remember how serene I felt, and also lost and completely terrified of how to be the best mom for this precious little gift, and I shed tears of gratitude and love.
November is a great month.
This month that same beautiful girl we brought into the world is a bashing blonde beauty, and a girl after my own heart. Of our three kids I think she looks, and acts, the most like me. Same glasses, same blue eyes, same heart shaped face and rosy cheeks, same clumsiness, same spaciness, and same love for imagination and creativity. I always have this inner sense of understanding that we will always be good friends. It's just a given.
Here is my little girl in her natural setting. I think she would have sat here and stared at the trees and the river all day. These are the things I hope she remembers about being a kid. :-) Can't beat those orange and yellow leaves too...
I really dig the color orange.
Find some more of it over at I Heart Faces!


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