Monday, September 19, 2011

I put a new hat on today

And suddenly everything was right.

Well, I didn't put on the hat, but my kids all wanted to try it on (as long as it fits, they try on every hat they can get their hands on...except Odell. She doesn't like hats, as previously mentioned here). Don't be jealous of my angular texting skills in photoshop. I know you are. Haven't come up with a name for this one...any suggestions?
The little boy who will be modeling this one has the MOST awesome name in the world, by the way. Outside of my kids' names, of course. :-) Excited to get this one in the portfolio fo' sho'.


The Miz said...
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The Miz said...

Don't ask me why but when I look at that hat I think of an owl. Super cute!

Rebecca Aycock


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