Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chic Critique Forum Photography Idol

Ever been over to Chic Critique Forum? It's amazing. So much inspiration there and so much eye candy...not to mention this competition I decided to enter tonight. I don't know that I'm an idol, but I've loved looking at the other images so far and am excited to see who makes it to the next round. I had a really hard time choosing an image, but in the end, my boy won out.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kingman, AZ family photographer

Okay folks, 'tis the season!
If you haven't seen the Christmas decorations slowly creeping closer and closer to the dwindling Halloween section at Wal-Mart, then let me be the first to tell you that holiday preparations are upon us, whether we believe in post-Thanksgiving cheer or not. Many of us don't even like to get Jingle Bells accidentally stuck in our heads before the turkey is on the table, but here is one preparation that you don't want to wait until then to act on. Here's a couple reasons why you want family pictures and why you want them now:

#1: Convenience
If you're anything like me, Christmas shopping is a hassle after about your first shopping trip out. Particularly any time after Thanksgiving. Family pictures are the perfect one stop solution for this. Spend an hour with me, and then all your Christmas shopping for your parents, in-laws, siblings, whomever is taken care of. Order a few prints, canvases, calendars, albums, whatever from the convenience of your living room and you have made the happiest grandparents on the block on Christmas day. Not to mention the priceless memories you get to treat yourself to. Husbands, surprise your wives. Wives, give your oblivious husbands a large hint, make it easy for him too. It'll be simple, and simple is always welcome this time of year.

#2: Plan ahead
I can't tell you how sad I was to have to say no to some people looking for pictures last year who waited too long to call me. This year I have to cut my season short due to a large number of shoots I'll be doing in Colorado over Thanksgiving- I'll be busy editing right up until Christmas, and then I want to enjoy some time with my family, just like all of you. :-) So the next 4 weeks are your window to get your pictures done with Chelsea's Attic Photography, and your last opportunity to take advantage of my current deal! All shoots are $200, you can message me for what that includes, you won't regret it. That will end after November 22nd, so book it now!

#3 The weather
Ahh, winter. News flash: the closer we approach winter, the closer we approach more consistent cold. Not always so great for keeping kids happy during an hour outside. It also limits your wardrobe options if you want to steer clear of sweaters and jackets (maybe you don't, and that's okay too). Point being, you don't want me editing out snotty red noses and ears in all of your pictures and you will be much happier with a relaxed, beautiful fall weather shoot. The sooner you schedule, the greater chance you'll have of such a shoot.

I hope this helped put things into perspective for you. Message me, call me, or email me, and I'll be happy to get you on the calendar at your earliest convenience!

Chelsea's Attic Photograpy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kingman, AZ Senior Photographer

My first senior shoot in Kingman! She was perfect, an awesome first senior shoot, if I do say so myself. I love every single one of these images. We had a fun time getting lost in downtown Kingman. No really, I had somewhere specific in mind to go to and I totally got lost. They were so kind as to not tell me what a kook I was insisting I knew where the White Cliffs area was and I so obviously didn't, ha ha. But it was worth the run around, after a quick phone call to my all-knowing husband who helped me out, we made it there and got the rest of our awesome shoot completed.
If you are a senior in the Kingman area, contact me to set up a shoot! I have a special deal going on until the end of November you don't want to miss out on, email me at for details. These are pictures you will look back on in ten years (trust me you will) and be so glad you have!
Keep on the lookout for more family and senior shoots in the future!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kingman, AZ Photography Class

Hello friends!

Charlsie Oliverson Photography and I are combing forces to offer locals a chance to get some hands on experience in improving their photography and getting to know your camera. Whether you are a beginner wanting to know basics of using your camera in manual or you are comfortable with your camera and want some creative ideas and tips on how to improve your photography, these courses will be right up your alley.

Four Week Course Schedule $135

October 16th, 2013 10AM-12PM
October 23rd, 2013 10AM-12PM
October  30th,2013 10AM-12PM
November 6th, 2013 10AM-12PM

Workshop $135 (NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATE!!)

November 16th, 2013 8AM-4PM

Enroll HERE

Single class options are also available if you don’t have time to attend the workshop or all 4 weeks email me and I will give you the outline for each individual class. Enrollment per class is $35. If you are interested in learning more about photography but these options don’t fit your schedule or you want to focus on a different topic please email or  We schedule our photography classes according to demand. Chances are you aren’t the only one with a different request.  Let us know and we will try to plan for you in the future.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hello friends. I just returned from this magical place, pictured above. It's my Grammy's house in Rhode Island on Yawgoo Pond. Which is actually a lake. There was a family reunion on her side of the family to celebrate her 80th year on this earth and I was fortunate enough to have a myriad of wonderful people help me so I could make it there to the reunion. I can't capture the magic of this place in words, or even photos, but suffice it to say I've been recharged. It was wonderful!

While I was there I was able to fly under the wing of my uncle, Tim Brown, who has had a passion for photography far longer than I've been alive. I grew up around his pictures. I remember hours spent in his studio air spraying glass to package frames ready to sell for some summer cash. He had an art studio open with my Dad in downtown Salida,CO for a while. I remember wandering the walls, listening to the Buena Vista Social Club and escaping the heat with their giant swamp cooler and studying and pouring over his work hung all over the shop. You really get taken to the places he's been. If there is anyone I'd say has continually inspired me to stretch and go further and try harder at my work, it is him.

While there we took his kids and my sister to a few places that any photographer would get an electric charge out of. While watching him and interacting with him, I took some of my own work in the process. It was heaven. 
So here's to being recharged. Pushing my limits. Go big or go home. Hallelujah.

Monday, March 11, 2013

First ever workshop!

I am super excited about this!
This has been a while in the making because I keep thinking about what I want to focus on and what would be most helpful to people. In the end I decided that I want to structure this around the things that I find the most enjoyment in getting a great image- hopefully it will be for you too!
So without further ado, I am announcing my first ever super-casual-low-key-bring-what-you-have-and-learn-what-you-want workshop!! Here are the deets:
  • You don't have to have a super nice DSLR camera- bring whatever you have! While I will be covering a few tips on camera settings, I don't want to focus a lot of time on this so it would be helpful if you have a basic understanding of your camera. I will help how I can at the workshop, but want to focus on what I feel is more valuable to your photography education. :-)
  • I will be zoning in on a couple of things in particular: working with kids and editing. Or, in essence, how to get good portraits of your kids (or someone else's kids). Half of the shoot will be outside at a specified location and the other half will be back at my house and I will show you step by step what I do in Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photos (or in otherwords, but I get from the "before" picture to the "after" picture, as shown above) using the images from our shoot. 
  • There will be door prizes and freebies!
  • Please register early so I know who to plan for- the more people who sign up, the more fun things we can do. If we get overbooked, I will schedule another class so everyone has an opportunity. 
You can register by calling me (970-978-8315), messaging me on facebook, or emailing me at If you have any further questions, let me know! Hope to see you there!
Hope this Monday is not too brutal on you, and enjoy that extra hour of sun at night! :-)

Friday, November 9, 2012

I Heart Faces Challenge: ORANGE!

November is my most favorite month out of the year.
The day after I celebrated my 21st birthday, my husband and I welcomed our first precious child into the world on November 17th. What a wonderful birthday gift. She was chubby and blonde and beautifully perfect in every way. Craig had to leave me in the hospital one night on my own and I spend the entire night bonding with her. I remember how serene I felt, and also lost and completely terrified of how to be the best mom for this precious little gift, and I shed tears of gratitude and love.
November is a great month.
This month that same beautiful girl we brought into the world is a bashing blonde beauty, and a girl after my own heart. Of our three kids I think she looks, and acts, the most like me. Same glasses, same blue eyes, same heart shaped face and rosy cheeks, same clumsiness, same spaciness, and same love for imagination and creativity. I always have this inner sense of understanding that we will always be good friends. It's just a given.
Here is my little girl in her natural setting. I think she would have sat here and stared at the trees and the river all day. These are the things I hope she remembers about being a kid. :-) Can't beat those orange and yellow leaves too...
I really dig the color orange.
Find some more of it over at I Heart Faces!


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