Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ol' Blue

I love this pattern, and this color! *THEY DON'T MAKE THIS COLOR ANYMORE! Lame! They have a pastel blue that took it's place...which is pretty, but who can't not love teal?? The official color of all bad bridesmaid's dresses?!? That's my question.*
I'm thinking of putting the pattern on etsy, would anyone buy it? That is, someday when I revamp my store and actually put everything on there that I can sell- what am I waiting for, you ask? 1) to get all the rest of my "model" shoots taken care of and 2) sort of tense, I don't know what would be worse, that I would have too many sales to keep up or that no one would buy anything...
Mmm...the scouts at my church made cookies for all the church presidencies- my husband is in charge of the teenage guys, so he got a plate, and there is some good stuff in here. Too good. There goes my no sugar resolve (one of many).

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