Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hello friends. I just returned from this magical place, pictured above. It's my Grammy's house in Rhode Island on Yawgoo Pond. Which is actually a lake. There was a family reunion on her side of the family to celebrate her 80th year on this earth and I was fortunate enough to have a myriad of wonderful people help me so I could make it there to the reunion. I can't capture the magic of this place in words, or even photos, but suffice it to say I've been recharged. It was wonderful!

While I was there I was able to fly under the wing of my uncle, Tim Brown, who has had a passion for photography far longer than I've been alive. I grew up around his pictures. I remember hours spent in his studio air spraying glass to package frames ready to sell for some summer cash. He had an art studio open with my Dad in downtown Salida,CO for a while. I remember wandering the walls, listening to the Buena Vista Social Club and escaping the heat with their giant swamp cooler and studying and pouring over his work hung all over the shop. You really get taken to the places he's been. If there is anyone I'd say has continually inspired me to stretch and go further and try harder at my work, it is him.

While there we took his kids and my sister to a few places that any photographer would get an electric charge out of. While watching him and interacting with him, I took some of my own work in the process. It was heaven. 
So here's to being recharged. Pushing my limits. Go big or go home. Hallelujah.


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