Friday, October 21, 2011

Home again, home again...

We have three VERY large bags of candy waiting just outside my kitchen for our church Halloween Party Trunk or Treat tonight. It's difficult for me to just let them sit there...they look so lonely. And wrapped. Don't you think just a couple of them should be free?
...or maybe I should print out a picture of a 400 lb woman and set it nicely on top of the a warning.
We made it to Utah and back! And I have a busy couple of weekends ahead of me! Five photo shoots in two weekends...yeesh. But also yay!
Last night some of our very favorite friends met us at the park during their visit out to Colorado for a couple of weeks. Although I am happy that they have settled into their home in Missouri since their move a couple of years ago, I have to admit I feel a little jealous whenever I see them with new friends on their blog. Just a little. :-) My plan for them to be so lonely out there that they would just HAVE to move back obviously isn't working. :-) We are so happy to see them when they come through and I usually get to do some pictures for them while they are here! Super plus. They were some of my first "clients"...I mean, "friends" (sorry, I said the wrong thing last night, ha ha) who let me take pictures for them! And now Mommy is getting into photography as well and is taking our family pictures. It works out to be a nice trade! Check out some of her work HERE.
Anyway, on to some of the good stuff. They are expecting baby #2 in December and we couldn't be more excited for them!


The Miz said...

Candie, you look absolutely radiant. I guess Chris looks okay. ;) Beautiful job Chelsea!

Rebecca (Brady)

Milmonster said...

Beautiful pics of Candie and her family. Nice work Chels!


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