Thursday, August 11, 2011


Meet Toby.

Toby is just sitting with all the other hats I need to blog about as we speak. Or, you I type. All hats in my store are currently one of a kind, but I also do custom orders, and I really REALLY love the Fargo look of this hat. The buttons just sort of do me in. Hope to put a girly spin on him next round. Also hope to see him on a model here before too long...

Just uploaded my photography portfolio on my fan page on facebook, head over to check it out! And if you haven't become a fan, do it. I will be offering discounts and deals for facebook fans that all those other NON-fans just won't get. Take that non-fans.
Peace, love, and happiness.

1 comment:

Belle_Poppet said...

OOOOH I love that! The buttons are definitely amazing! Titus will be your model, nudge nudge wink wink C=


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