Monday, August 29, 2011

PIN ME! {Windsor Colorado Family Photographer}

I just joined pinterest. Either I don't really get it yet or I'm missing something because I've yet to be addicted to it as promised. I like looking at that all it's for? And then...what do you do after you look at it? Pin it? What does that do?
Anyway, I posted a few sneaks of this shoot, but here's the real deal. This location was fantastic. I've driven by it a million times, but you can't see much of it from the road because there are a lot of trees in the way. Well sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a hoard of old cars just lollygagging around in a field, and then WHOOSH. There are the trees. Finally I decided to check it out, and asked Craig if he knew who owned the property.
Now, to a regular person, driving around town and pointing to a random property and asking your husband who it belongs to might seem strange. But most people aren't married to my husband. And let me say he did not disappoint. He knows things in this town most people didn't even know existed. Random property? He knows their whole family history. They're dogs name. Okay, not really, but he knew how to get a hold of them. I had the number within a few days and they were fantastically cooperative. They just wanted to know when we'd be there, apparently a lot of people take pictures there, he seemed surprised that I was actually taking a family there, but didn't mind.

This little boy is a heart stealer. I think this is one of my all time favorite shots. I just love it!

Ah...such a fun shoot! At least for me, I really loved the lighting. Like a lot. I was drooling through my pictures when I was editing them, that's rare. Plus I love this family like a lot. They made my job a piece of cake.
Enjoy. Posting a new really cute hat tomorrow that I'm excited to share.
Bon voyage.


The Miz said...
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The Miz said...

Beautiful job Chelsea! And what a beautiful family.

Hey, if you want the deal on Pinterest I'll give it to you.

It's like an online cork board. You pin all the things you find online that you want to remember (i.e. recipes, projects, clothes, tips, or just pictures that inspire you). That's what I use it for anyway. And yes, I am addicted.

Rebecca Aycock

The Briggs Family said...

Chelsea...WOW! You have totally done it again! I love, love, love all of them! I hope my CD gets here today so that I can love even more of them! You are just incredible! I can't thank you enough! You have our business for life! Oh and Hallie was asking about playing with Chloe the other day, so if you guys are ever up for a play date we would love to meet up with you! It would be so fun to see all of your adorable kiddos!

Katie @ Hippos and Dinosaurs said...

Pinterest! Yes!! It's an inspiration board, silly! You pin it because you are inspired. THen you go BACK to it when you're needing inspiration! Say you get tired of using the same ideas for photo shoots, go to Pinterest and check out some shots that you've pinned from before and voila! Inspiration! Okay...this is definitely the testimony of the addicted. Excuse.

in other news, these pictures are beautiful!! You INSPIRE me;) Maybe I SHOULD start a photog board just so I can pin you! :)

Candie said...

Loving that location!!! So jelous! I was just thinking that it's already been a year since our last family pics.

You did an awesome job. Love the one of the baby and her huge, stunning brown eyes! WOW.

I just come here when I need inspiration. That's all I know! :D


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