Friday, August 12, 2011

Just for your information...

I wanted to clarify something to all you wonderful people who have entered my giveaway (thank you so much for supporting me and spreading the word, by the way, I really appreciate it!). I realized I didn't explain myself fully (happens to the best of us...maybe me a little more so then the rest of the best...)- so each of these bullet points below should be in a separate comment:

  • Leave me a comment below saying hello, who you are, and how you heard of me!
  • Follow my blog (leave a comment telling me you did this).
  • Post about this giveaway on facebook directing people to this blog (leave a comment telling me you did this). SAMPLE POST: Checkout for a stellar gieveaway- a free custom-made crocheted hat and personal blog banner by Chelsea's Attic!
  • Like me on facebook! Click here to go straight to the page: (leave a comment telling me you did this).
Now, before you label me a nazi or something, here's how this benefits you. On Tuesday night I am going to count all of the comment entries and then put that number in a random number generator. Whatever number pops out, I will find that post number and that will be the winner. SO, if you have four comment entries in there, the chances of you winning have increased. Yay! If you have already commented once on there telling me you have done all four of these, you can go back and add three extra entries on your own. If you want to. Do what your heart tells you. That's what I do...
And...if you HAVEN'T entered the giveaway, click here and do so. FREE hat and FREE blogger blog header, both designed by me. Yep. FREE.
In the meantime, my daughter Odell turned 1 yesterday. Love her to pieces. You will never find a sweeter, more beautiful baby in the entire world. Not that I'm biased...or anything....

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