Saturday, June 9, 2012


Okay, time to get back to work.
You'd think that once it turns green and summer comes around, it would be the time where we relax and slow down and actually get some work done since there's no school and such. Shah. No. I feel sort of like someone took everything that I am and threw it up in the air and while it feels great to fly around for a while, I'm starting to realize that I'm not at all organized into one neat little spot and nothing is getting done. Oh well. Just ride the wave, baby.
Got back from an AMAZING vacation with my mom and brother and sister to Hawaii for almost two weeks.

I am glad to be back home with my hubby-dub and beautiful little munchkins, I missed them at every corner while I was there, but I did enjoy myself. And I did tan my legs, but it doesn't really count because it was only from halfway down my shin to my ankles because I spent an afternoon kayaking with capri's on and didn't put sunscreen there. Okay, so "tanning" isn't exactly the right word for what happened considering I'm still peeling from it almost two weeks later, but at least I have some color on my legs, even if I can't wear anything higher than my shins because I look like I'm wearing some weird pinkish-brown socks.
Before I left I had a rackem-rollem week with three photo shoots in a few days time plus getting myself ready to go and trying to get the house (and fridge) in order for my stallion husband who was the best man in the world for pushing me out the door and instructing me to enjoy myself while I was gone (he was also smart enough not to tell me that my oldest, Chloe, cried on the way home from dropping me off with my mom in Denver because she was going to miss me so much, I think I would have told him to come back and get me right then and there). I'm just gonna do a little sneak peak here and am committing myself to actually blogging about these shoots later. I'm pretty sure that I still have shots from like last fall I never got up here in full, but I will try my best to keep up with my blog this summer!

And now that we are nearing the peak of the tallest part of the here-comes-summer roller coaster, we can begin our exhilarating descent....

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