Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kingman, AZ Senior Photographer

My first senior shoot in Kingman! She was perfect, an awesome first senior shoot, if I do say so myself. I love every single one of these images. We had a fun time getting lost in downtown Kingman. No really, I had somewhere specific in mind to go to and I totally got lost. They were so kind as to not tell me what a kook I was insisting I knew where the White Cliffs area was and I so obviously didn't, ha ha. But it was worth the run around, after a quick phone call to my all-knowing husband who helped me out, we made it there and got the rest of our awesome shoot completed.
If you are a senior in the Kingman area, contact me to set up a shoot! I have a special deal going on until the end of November you don't want to miss out on, email me at chelseas_attic@yahoo.com for details. These are pictures you will look back on in ten years (trust me you will) and be so glad you have!
Keep on the lookout for more family and senior shoots in the future!

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