Monday, October 28, 2013

Kingman, AZ family photographer

Okay folks, 'tis the season!
If you haven't seen the Christmas decorations slowly creeping closer and closer to the dwindling Halloween section at Wal-Mart, then let me be the first to tell you that holiday preparations are upon us, whether we believe in post-Thanksgiving cheer or not. Many of us don't even like to get Jingle Bells accidentally stuck in our heads before the turkey is on the table, but here is one preparation that you don't want to wait until then to act on. Here's a couple reasons why you want family pictures and why you want them now:

#1: Convenience
If you're anything like me, Christmas shopping is a hassle after about your first shopping trip out. Particularly any time after Thanksgiving. Family pictures are the perfect one stop solution for this. Spend an hour with me, and then all your Christmas shopping for your parents, in-laws, siblings, whomever is taken care of. Order a few prints, canvases, calendars, albums, whatever from the convenience of your living room and you have made the happiest grandparents on the block on Christmas day. Not to mention the priceless memories you get to treat yourself to. Husbands, surprise your wives. Wives, give your oblivious husbands a large hint, make it easy for him too. It'll be simple, and simple is always welcome this time of year.

#2: Plan ahead
I can't tell you how sad I was to have to say no to some people looking for pictures last year who waited too long to call me. This year I have to cut my season short due to a large number of shoots I'll be doing in Colorado over Thanksgiving- I'll be busy editing right up until Christmas, and then I want to enjoy some time with my family, just like all of you. :-) So the next 4 weeks are your window to get your pictures done with Chelsea's Attic Photography, and your last opportunity to take advantage of my current deal! All shoots are $200, you can message me for what that includes, you won't regret it. That will end after November 22nd, so book it now!

#3 The weather
Ahh, winter. News flash: the closer we approach winter, the closer we approach more consistent cold. Not always so great for keeping kids happy during an hour outside. It also limits your wardrobe options if you want to steer clear of sweaters and jackets (maybe you don't, and that's okay too). Point being, you don't want me editing out snotty red noses and ears in all of your pictures and you will be much happier with a relaxed, beautiful fall weather shoot. The sooner you schedule, the greater chance you'll have of such a shoot.

I hope this helped put things into perspective for you. Message me, call me, or email me, and I'll be happy to get you on the calendar at your earliest convenience!

Chelsea's Attic Photograpy

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