Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby Bear

I love December. Every day is Christmas as far as I'm concerned. I wish I could say that I loved it so much that I had all our Christmas decorations out the day after Thanksgiving, but we have yet to pull everything out. Every night our kids look out the window and see all our neighbor's houses lit up so pretty, then scorn and shame us into feeling like scum of the earth because we haven't put our lights up yet. We'll get there. Hopefully the snow melts quickly so Craig can get on the roof without killing himself this weekend. :-)
Happy first day of Christmas.
We are going to be putting together our 12 days of Christmas calendar here pretty soon- each day we do something together as a family to celebrate. Make cookies, do secret santas to friends and neighbors, it'll be the first year we'll do all 12 days since I'm at home and not too swamped with music programs to put it together. :-) HOORAY!
Tell me what some of your Christmas traditions are, we're in the "building lasting memories" experimental stage of our family, I'd love to here them. :-)

Ahhh...tis the season.

Be on the lookout for some holiday hats upcoming. And some more family pictures. And all the catchup from what I haven't posted yet that I should have.
PS- did you all eat lots of turkey???

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