Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happily Ever After

Now, I don't advertise myself as a wedding photographer. As much as I love the magic that happens on a wedding day, my husband keeps reminding me of the times I've attempted it and come home at the end of the day completely discouraged and ready to give up photography all together. Oh yeah. STRESS CITY. However, I am known to help out on an occasional family wedding, which I enjoy. Much less pressure. I'm finishing up this wonderful couple this week, my gorgeous, sweetest girl in the world sister-in-law and her new lucky man. The day they got married couldn't have been more perfect for December. Here's just a sneak. Don't they look happy? Ah...sometimes I wish I could plan my wedding all over again just so I could get happy pictures like this of Craig and I. Craig might agree to it if we get another wedding cake in the mix. :-) 
Happy Tuesday, y'all. 

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