Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well hello again!

My oh my.
Is it really almost halfway through January already??? I'm having a hard time digesting that 2011 is OVER. Kaput. Where the heck did that year go? I am working on a lot of stuff right now, most of it including changing diapers, dousing fights between children, and picking up toys constantly, but some of it including a few things I'm very excited about, like this:

Yes, folks, I am learning how to knit. Very rapidly in fact. I'm the type of person that will jump headfirst into a project and I'm already halfway through it before I realize that I have to start over because I didn't in fact read through all the directions and didn't do it right, or I don't know how to finish it, or I don't have all the materials...yes, so you can imagine that my knitting projects, while getting better each time, have not yet come to completion. But they will. And soon. My heart will probably always be with crocheting...probably because it takes a LOT less time than knitting...but I just can't help but marvel at what comes out of those two little knitting needles. It's like I'm creating a whole little world out of yarn. Beau-tee-ful.
In the meantime, I've been meaning to blog about these hats forever, but I'm now unveiling them. I made these for a friend of mine for her kids for Christmas and in return I got a dozen per hat of the most AMAZING tasting cinnamon rolls (her signature Gooey Rolls...) I think I've ever had. Seriously. Everyone go contact her and order some from her right now. Or check out some of her beautiful cakes at Sugar Momma Cakes.


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Candie said...

Love the owl! The monster is really cute too!


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